Monday, May 22, 2017

Blizzard of the Blue Moon, by Mary Pope Osborne

Student Book Review, by Lisa F.
Fiction Adventure Book
There is two kids named Jack and Annie. They go to New York City and they have mission, they have to free a unicorn from a wall. When Jack and Annie got to the wall, they saw two people coming and they thought the two kids where two different people so Jack and Annie hid. The two kids where working for someone else so they got the unicorn out of the wall. Then Jack and Annie got the unicorn back but then the two kids shout up to Jack and Annie so then Jack and Annie turned the two kids into ducks. Then Jack and Annie returned the unicorn back then the unicorn was safe forever.
This is a book that would be good because it makes you think, if you were in that book, what would you do?
5/5 Star Rating

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