Wednesday, December 31, 2014

January Writing Prompts

Happy New Year's Eve!  It's a little sad that 2014 is coming to an end, but it's fun to look forward to the year ahead.  I just know 2015 is going to be a great year for writing!  So, sharpen up your pencils, thaw out your mind, and get writing!

Writing Genre
Suggested Writing Prompt
Write a letter to…
-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
-An Eskimo
-A famous leader/scientist/explorer (living or  dead)
Is Global Warming good or bad?
Who was the best former president of America? 
Why should we preserve the polar bears’ habitat?  What steps can we take to make this happen?
Write about a day you went snowboarding/skiing/playing in the snow 
What do you like to do when it is really cold outside? 
What are your New Year resolutions?
Write about a time that a snowman came alive
There was a penguin in my bath tub!
How to build a snowman/igloo/snowball machine 
Research the polar climates (Antarctica, Alaska, Canada, etc.)

Monday, December 29, 2014

My Christmas Wish

By: Elaina, Mrs. Conaway's 2nd Grade Class
     My Christmas wish is to give my friends and family a present.  For Christmas I want to give my friend, Santiago Halo Reach.  I want to give Santiago Halo Reach because he likes robots in it and he likes robots for Christmas.  I want to give my friend, Katie an Easy Bake Oven.  I want to give Katie an Easy Bake Oven because she wants to make stuff with her sister for Christmas.  I want to give my friend, Kylee an Elf on the Shelf.  I want to give her an Elf on the Shelf because I want to be a good friend.  For Christmas I want to give my friends and family the best Christmas ever because Christmas is fun.  This is why I want to give everybody a present.


My Christmas Wish

By: Torrance, Mrs. Conaway's 2nd Grade Class
     Sarah wants an American Girl doll.  Sarah wants an American Girl doll because they are fragile.  My wish is for Sarah to get an American Girl doll.  They are Sarah's favorite dolls.  I want to spend time with her.  She is the best.  I want her to go to my house and spend the night.  When we are there I want to have a pillow fight.  She is funny.  She is my favorite friend.

My Christmas Wish

By: Laura, Mrs. Conaway's 2nd Grade Class
     My sister's Christmas wish is a camera.  She will take care of it.  She will put it in a place where it will be safe.  She will take important pictures.  She will ask to take funny ones sometimes.  She tried to respect me and mom, and dad too.  She can get the camera.  She really really wants it.  She wants to take pictures.  This is why she wants a camera as her Christmas wish.  Flash!

My Christmas Wish

By: Arianna, Mrs. Conaway's 2nd Grade Class
     My Christmas wish is to give my family a good Christmas.  I wish I have a good Christmas.  We fight on Christmas.  Christmas is all about love.  We should not fight.  Be nice to everyone.  Do not be mean to no one.  I am good to everyone.  I do not fight.  We love Christmas.

My Christmas Wish

By: Kylee, Mrs. Conaway's 2nd Grade Class
     My Christmas wish is to be with my family.  I think it will be fun if I am with my family.  I wish my family was healthy.  I wish my cousin can be there.  Me and my cousin do arts and crafts.  I wish my sis is happy.  I have a sister on the way but she won't be here for Christmas.  This is my Christmas wish.

Elf for Hire

By: Jeremiah, Mrs. Conaway's 2nd Grade Class
     I am a very good cookie taster because I like to taste stuff.  I like cookies.  I will try to be the best elf I can be.  I know how to follow directions because I follow directions at school.  I have a lot of baking supplies.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A New Pet

By: Dominic, Mrs. Kelly's 2nd Grade Class

     One day there were four lovely people who went outside of the castle.  Their mom and dad said to be home by midnight, because the whole kingdom is going to open their presents. 
     The four knights had always listened to the king.  The king said for them to find a pet.  They found a dragon for a pet.
     He was a good boy and the king said that they could keep it.

The Land of Creatures

By: Zoe, Mrs. Kelly's 2nd Grade Class

     Once upon a time, in a faraway land there was a place called The Land of Creatures.  There, there were magical creatures like dragons and unicorns.  All of the creatures are nice, even the fierce dragon.
     There are sparkled wild cats and sparkly colored parrots.  There are pretty little cute turtles.  There are lions and tigers, and even animals that aren't here today.  There is a sparkly pond for all of them to drink from. 
     One day, a new baby dragon was born.  He looked a lot like his parents, which are black, red, and orange.  They are colorful because they are fire dragons.
     The little dragon always had the same questions.  "Mommy, why did the Animal God make us?"  "Daddy, who is Animal God?"
     One day, when he was much older, he went walking with his dad in the woods and he saw the answer to his questions.
     Animal God was a cool Arctic Wolf.  He was great and powerful.  The other answer is that he made us so we all have friends!
     They lived happily ever after.
The End

Elf For Hire

By: Neko, Mrs. Riggs' 2nd Grade Class

     My name is Neko.  I would like to be your Elf.  I am good at making cookies and it will look like a present.  I am good at wrapping presents and good at making bows.  I am good at sewing toys that are ripped.  I am good at painting toys to look like the real thing.  I hope you pick me!

Elf For Hire

By: Chase, Mrs. Riggs' 2nd Grade Class

     Santa, please hire me.
     I am the best Elf you've ever seen.
     First, I can make the toys on Christmas Eve.
     Second, I can make you hot chocolate and make you cookies so you don't get hungry or thirsty.
     Third, I can wrap the toys and presents then tie a bow on it.  Then it is ready for you to pack onto the sleigh.
     Last but not least, I can help you pack everything onto the sleigh on Christmas Eve.  Then you can take off.
     Now Santa, you see why you should pick me to be on your team.

ELF's To-Do List

By: Asher, Mrs. Holland's Kindergarten Class

Elf needs to help Santa get people presents, help the reindeer, and he is fun.

ELF's To-Do List

By: Carmela, Mrs. Holland's Kindergarten Class

Elf needs to help Santa with the presents, feed the reindeer, and help with the toys.

ELF'S To-Do List

By: Tylan, Mrs. Holland's Kindergarten Class

Elf needs to help Santa deliver presents and lists and eat apples.

My Christmas Story

By: Sakura, Mrs. Kelly's 2nd Grade Class
     One morning, it was raining.  At nighttime, it was thundering and lightening.
     My mom said we could dye our Christmas shirts.
     It was fun.
     The next day it was going to be Christmas.  We were so excited!
     Amber said, "I can't wait to get presents."
     Sakura said, "Christmas isn't about getting presents.  It's about Jesus' birthday."
     "Oh," Amber said, "But still, we do get presents even though it is not all about presents."
     Tonight we will put on the little lights on the Christmas tree.  We watched a Christmas movie before we went to bed.
      Amber started to rewind one of the parts over and over.  I got bored so I went to bed.  I wasn't tired so I looked out the window.
     I saw reindeer!
     I called out to Amber and she came running in.
     "Look," I said, "I see Santa."
     "I see him too," Amber said.  "Bye bye Santa," Amber said.  "That was really cool."
     The next day was Christmas.  We ate breakfast then ran to get our presents.  We all got two presents, but there was one present left.  Whose present was it?  We all opened it.  It was for our dog!  He got a dog toy.
     Santa left a letter.  It said, "I hope your Christmas was merry.  Merry Christmas.  Ho!  Ho!  Ho!  Love Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, and the elves.
     It was cool getting a letter from Santa.  That was a cool Christmas.

A Turkey's Point of View

By: Chase, Mrs. Riggs' 2nd Grade Class

     Hi, I am Mr. Turkey.  For Thanksgiving, everybody eats turkey and I am a turkey.  I am going to be eaten and cut up.  I do not like to be eaten at all!
     So, for Thanksgiving there is no way I am going to Thanksgiving.
     I have to go to the store on Thanksgiving because I am running out of groceries, so I have to watch out for people so that they do not eat me for Thanksgiving.

A Turkey's Tale

By: Kathleen, Mrs. Riggs' 2nd Grade Class
      Hi, I am Mr. Turkey.  I DO NOT want to be eaten at all!  I do not want to be on the table for dinner. 
     Dinner is my worst fear, so I just wanted to tell you, PLEASE do not eat me.
       I like you but DO NOT do it.
      By the way, can I have some corn bread with a cherry on top?  Well, not a cherry because corn bread and cherries just do not mix.

The Magical Pumpkin

By: Sakura, Mrs. Kelly's 2nd Grade Class

     One day, Amber and I got a ticket for the Halloween hay ride!  We had so much fun, but there was something following us.  It was a Zombie.  It was spooky.  We almost screamed.

     Her mom said that we could have a week sleepover.  We said yey!  We thought it would be so much fun!  It was red ribbon week at school too!  We went to school with Halloween hairspray.  We put spiders in our hair.  Fake spiders, of course.

     On Halloween we went to the pumpkin patch and saw bottles.  The colors were called Spooky Orange, Magical Purple, and Magical Pink.  We both loved pink so we picked a pumpkin and they were both the same size. 

     We both put Magical Pink on our pumpkins.  The pumpkins turned pink but there was one spooky problem.  All of the colors were gone. 

     Then we saw a sign.  It said Magical Spooky Decorating.  We decorated our pumpkin.  It looked very pretty.  We loved it.

     When we got home, mom helped us carve our pumpkins.  After we were done at night time, we played outside.  My Mom came out and said that she could stay another week because her mom got hurt and had to go to the doctor. 

Amber said, “I hope my mom is ok.”

I said, “Me too!”

      Her mom had given us her garage number.  We got her Halloween costume.  We then went Trick or Treating. 
     All of a sudden our pumpkins started talking in our wheel barrow.  All the pumpkins then started going in the woods.

     We ran after them.  We got lost.  We saw a rabbit with red eyes.  It hopped after us.  It was spooky crazy. 

      Amber and I remembered the story of the kids that were chased by the haunted rabbit and gotten eaten.  They were never seen again.

     We prayed while we ran.  We prayed that we are not going to to be the next kids who were never seen again.

     The rabbit looked for us.  We hurried and climbed to the top of a tree.  The rabbit went to the next tree and sniffed.  We hopped to the other tree.  The rabbit did not see us.

     We were so happy that we were not the next kids never seen again. 

     A family was walking in the woods and woke up the rabbit.

    “Wait,” I whispered to Amber, “He has a weapon.”

    “They are hunting,” we both whispered.

      The rabbit snuck up behind the family.

      The little boy felt something. 

      “Look, a rabbit,” the little boy said.

      His parents looked around.  Then they ran because the rabbit had red eyes.  The rabbit chased after them.  He even hopped. 

      The man tried to get the rabbit.  It was a zombie rabbit.  It kept on hopping.  The zombie rabbit then got the whole family and they all vanished.  We looked back but we couldn’t see anything. 

      We saw street lights.  Zombie’s hate lights so we thought we could sneak back to our house. 

      Amber said, “That’s a great idea, Sakura.

      We climbed down the tree.  We snuck to the street.  We went in the house.

      We told my mom what happened. 

      She said, “Oh, my.”

      My Dad was there.  We told him too.  He said it can be a spooky Halloween night.

      Then something rang the doorbell.  We opened it. 

      There was….. Zombies, ghosts, vampires, skeletons, and the zombie rabbit.  We saw two pink light things and two green light things. 

      The two green things said MOM, DAD.  The pink ones said AMBER and SAKURA.

      We put them on our heart, even mom and dad.  Then all of a sudden we had superpowers.  We destroyed EVERY monster.  Then we had a happy life.