Thursday, January 14, 2016

Christmas Surprise

By: Saraya W.

           Yesterday was Christmas and I was woken up at 1a.m. in the morning because I saw a bright red light outside.  When I went outside to see what it was, I couldn’t see anything because that red light blinded me.  I wanted to turn it off!
            I grabbed the atrocious light ball in my hand.  I tugged on it until it popped out of the snow pile.  I saw that the annoying red thing was attached to a reindeer!  I was so happy to see a reindeer!
            I brought the reindeer in my house.  My mom yelled at me because the reindeer dropped snow everywhere. 
            Wait!  All this time the reindeer was…..RUDOLPH!
            How was I going to return him back to Santa? 
            When I looked at Rudolph, I saw a name tag.  It said, “If found, return to 613 Candy Cane Mint Ice Cream Lane.  Call (318)Candy-cane-mint-ice cream. 
            I decided to call…5 minutes later, it was Santa on the phone.  He said, “thank you for calling.  That means that you are now on the Good List.” 
            I looked up in the sky and suddenly Santa was flying right above me! 

            It was great meeting Rudolph and Santa.  I will never forget that magical Christmas, nor the annoying red light flashing at me every 3 seconds.


By: Chloe

         On Christmas morning, I was in my bedroom when out of the corner of my eye I saw something strange in my backyard.  I went outside to have a closer look.  It looked like there were candy canes sticking out of the snow…with a blinking dot.
          I pulled the candy canes out, and I was surprised at what I found!  It was a reindeer!  I got closer to read his collar and was surprised again, because his collar was made out of chocolate!  I took a lick, and it tasted delicious!  I felt his antlers and my hands got sticky so I licked my hands.  His antlers tasted like candy canes!  I felt his collar and it felt like tiny M&Ms so I licked them, too.
          I took my new friend into my house.  The poor reindeer was shivering so much that the bells tied onto his harness were ringing nonstop.  Then I noticed two important things.  The first thing was that his collar said his name was Rudolph.  The second thing was that he was awfully hungry, so I fed him some carrots.  He devoured those carrots then he noticed that I had a jar of jalapeƱos in the refrigerator.
          I fed him some jalapenos and then he began to fly.  I knew just what to do then.  I fed him some more and then I took him outside and gave him a map with directions back to the North Pole. 
          Santa left me a note saying, “Dear Chloe, Thank you for leading Rudolph back to the North Pole.  Love, Santa Claus

Monday, January 4, 2016

Reindeer Surprise

By: Bannan       
            I was sleeping in my room when I was awoken with the sound of a crash.  I ran outside and there I saw a reindeer with a broken leg.  He tried to walk, but he couldn’t. 
            I helped him into my house and read on his collar that his name was Rudolph.  I made him some stew and he loved it.  He offered me a lick of his candy cane antlers, and I loved it! 
            I made him a cast for his broken leg and for 5 weeks, he wore the cast and I kept him a secret from my mom so she didn’t go crazy. 
            When his lag had healed, I mentioned the North Pole to him.  He jiggled the bells on his harness, and they made a beautiful sound.  I knew I had to do something to help him get back home.
            I made a magic potion to give him to help him fly again.  As soon as I put it on him, he flew upward.  He came back down and let me get on his back.  It was Christmas Eve and he was taking me with him to the North Pole. 
            We got there just in time.  Santa placed my new friend on the line with the rest of the sleigh team.  He then offered to take me on his trip around the world.  When we got to my house, I said good bye.

            The next morning, I opened my presents and then wrote him a note.  Then I watched Christmas movies that stared all my new friends.  

Christmas Surprise

By: Luis

            Christmas morning, I woke up to see what presents awaited for me under the tree.  Suddenly, I heard stranger than ever coming down the chimney.  I grabbed my nerf gun, just in case, and then, BOOM!  Something fell and a cloud of ash filled the room.  When the dust settled, I was standing beside Santa’s real reindeer!  It was Dasher!
            The deer started walking straight toward our refrigerator, so I opened the door for him.  He sniffed around a bit, but then decided on some brownies.  I took the brownies out for him, and he ate the whole plateful! 
            This is when I came up with an idea to help him get back home.  I took 6 sodas, 6 mints, tape, a paper plate, and a marker.  I planned to put the mints into the soda can and I taped it onto Dasher.  I made a map for Dasher to get back to the North Pole.
            I lead Dasher to the road, inserted the mints, shook up the sodas and popped the tabs.
            “PSHHHHHH! “ sounded the soda cans. 
          Fifteen hours later, I got a letter that said,

            “Dear Luis,
                  Thank you for helping bring Dasher back to the North Pole. 
            P.S. That was a good invention of yours!

                                                                                    The End


Reindeer Surprise

By: Cole H.

           One Christmas eve, at 12:36, I saw a huge lump of snow.  There was a pair of antlers sticking out of the top of the pile.  I walked outside and I touched the antlers.  It was sticky.  I licked my fingers.  It tasted like peppermint candy cane.  I also noticed bells on the antlers.  They felt like cookie dough.
            I saw a red glow glowing through the snow and heard noises that sounded like a reindeer whining.  I smelled a stinky smell, like whatever this was, it had not been washed in a while.  Being a retired elf, I realized that Rudolph was the one stuck in the snow and he couldn’t breath well.
            I decided to get my mom’s iron shovel to dig him out right away.  I realized he must have run out of reindeer dust, so he wasn’t able to fly.  I was worried about how to get him back to the North Pole and I thought about shipping him UPS.  But then I realized his antlers wouldn’t fit.  Finally I remembered that I had a perfectly good box of reindeer dust under my bed.  I gave it to Rudolph to fly home. 

The End

Christmas Surprise

By: Sunnie

           Last Christmas was extremely wild!  At 12:00a.m., on Christmas morn, I tiptoed down the hall.  I skipped over the wooden board that’s creaky so I didn’t wake anyone up.  When I finally reached the living room, I saw my elf on the Christmas tree, Monopoly, and wrapping paper on the ground.  I trudged outside and who should I see?  I saw Donner, one of Santa’s reindeer.
            The very first thing I heard was a grunt and a yelp.  The poor fellow was eating snow!  I needed to give Donner some food, but I was so tired!  So I took him back inside.  The second I set him down, he flew over and with one gulp, he swallowed our Christmas tree!
 I said, “Ok, umm…. Let’s get….get YOU some, uh… FOOD.”  So together we tiptoed to the kitchen.
            When Donner saw the refrigerator door, he broke the door down.  He then, with a bump of his candy cane antlers, ate a whole red pepper!  His face turned red and black!
            When he finally calmed down, I had a wonderful plan.  I would have to take ten and a half peppers and a half a piece of garlic.  I grinded them up, then I fed them to Donner.  After he finished, I heard a rumble.
            “He’s going to blow!” I screamed.
            When I woke up, I smelled cake and saw a note under a new Christmas tree.  The note read, “Thanks for giving me my baby back. Yours truly, Santa.”

             That was the Christmas of a lifetime!

Christmas in Arizona

By: Jojo

            Last Christmas was the weirdest Christmas in Arizona!  It was midnight when I saw a red light flashing outside of my window.  At first thought, I thought it was my mom’s car alarm on panic mode, but there was no noise. 
            Outside, I saw a little ball glowing red sticking out of mountain of Arizona red clay.  I grabbed the glowing ball and tugged it out of the ground.  It was Rudolph!  Rudolph the red nosed reindeer! 
            Then I noticed something odd.  Rudolph’s antlers were red and white striped like a candy cane.  I couldn’t stop myself and gave his antlers a big lick.  It tasted like the best candy cane in the world! 
            I took him inside my house, after a few more licks of his antlers and I fed him some carrots.  He spat them straight out, and I wished he could talk to tell me what he wanted.  He must have read my mind because he then wrote me a note.  He wrote “jalapeƱos!”
            I walked to the store to but jalapenos and that is when I remembered something from a cartoon.  A person ate a whole jar of jalapenos and then they had flames coming out of their….butt!  It lasted for hours, so I bought the biggest jar I could finding the hopes that these spicy peppers would help to rocket Rudolph back to the North Pole. 
            When I got back home, I wasted no time.  I fed him the whole jar, and off he flew. 
            On Christmas Eve, I found a note attached to a tumble weed in my front yard. 
The note read,
            “Dear Jojo,
Thank you for saving Rudolph.  Christmas would have been ruined without him.

 Love, Santa.