Thursday, February 18, 2016

I Have a Dream

By: Anaya N.

I wish kids knew God. I wish girls and boys would be nice to each other. I wish people do not fight. I wish poor kids have school.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I Have a Dream

By: Brayden C.

 I have a dream that when we adopt a dog or a cat you can bring their whole family. I wish that we cannot hit or kick. I wish that the bad people could not say mean words. I wish people loved each other. I wish people cannot go in jail.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Falling in Love

By: Angel

          One day I asked my mother if I could go to the mall and she said yes! 
          She drove us to the mall and shouted, We’re here!”
          Then she asked me if I wanted to go to the beauty salon and I said yes.
          When we got to the beauty salon, I snuck out so I could go to the All About Love store.
          At the store, I saw a statue by the door.  It was a statue of Cupid.  Suddenly, his eyes moved!  I started to run!  No one else seemed to notice, but the statue had come to life!

          Cupid shot me with his bow and arrow and the next thing I knew was that I was outside the mall… with a baby cow that I was in love with!  I was in love with a baby cow!

Cupid's Valentine's Day

By: Luis

            While the elves were making toys for next Christmas, Santa was showing the reindeers a new GIRL reindeer.  Cupid just took one look at her and fell in love.
            Today is February 13th and tomorrow is VALENTINE’S DAY!
            Cupid decided to make the new girl reindeer a card.  It took hours and hours for him to think of the perfect card.  As he wrote it in his very best handwriting, he glanced up and saw his bow and arrows.  That’s when he thought, “If I shoot her, she will fall in love with me.”
            So that is just what he did…..
            The next morning, he found a place where no one would see him.  He got into position and …fired!
            That’s when an elf was seen with his bow and arrow.  He escaped the work shop and went to NC and started shooting everyone.  Even people that hated each other fell in love!
            Cupid had to fix this, so he went to Santa everything that happened. Santa asked, “What do you think you should do?”
            Cupid knew what he had to do now.  He went to the junk room, which really wasn’t junk, and searched around until he found his bow and arrow that turns people back to normal. 
            So, he went to Swansboro Elementary school and only one person got shot in Ms Jan’s class.   That person was Cole.
            Cupid had the arrow, got ready, and fired!
            Now every one was back to normal and Cupid had learned his lesson and promised that he would never do it again…or will he?

Cupid the Video Game Star

By: Cole S.

            One day Cupid saw a kid playing a video game.  He tried to convince his mom to let him go over and play. His mom finally said,”Yes.”
            Cupid went over to the house where the kids were playing.  It was really cool.  It turned out that the kids had the best game ever, Angry Birds!

            After visiting the boy and playing the game, Cupid decided to make his own video game.  In the game, you have to help Cupid get his bow and arrow back from the stupid, evil clone.  He called the game Angry Cupid.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Christmas Surprise

By: Saraya W.

           Yesterday was Christmas and I was woken up at 1a.m. in the morning because I saw a bright red light outside.  When I went outside to see what it was, I couldn’t see anything because that red light blinded me.  I wanted to turn it off!
            I grabbed the atrocious light ball in my hand.  I tugged on it until it popped out of the snow pile.  I saw that the annoying red thing was attached to a reindeer!  I was so happy to see a reindeer!
            I brought the reindeer in my house.  My mom yelled at me because the reindeer dropped snow everywhere. 
            Wait!  All this time the reindeer was…..RUDOLPH!
            How was I going to return him back to Santa? 
            When I looked at Rudolph, I saw a name tag.  It said, “If found, return to 613 Candy Cane Mint Ice Cream Lane.  Call (318)Candy-cane-mint-ice cream. 
            I decided to call…5 minutes later, it was Santa on the phone.  He said, “thank you for calling.  That means that you are now on the Good List.” 
            I looked up in the sky and suddenly Santa was flying right above me! 

            It was great meeting Rudolph and Santa.  I will never forget that magical Christmas, nor the annoying red light flashing at me every 3 seconds.


By: Chloe

         On Christmas morning, I was in my bedroom when out of the corner of my eye I saw something strange in my backyard.  I went outside to have a closer look.  It looked like there were candy canes sticking out of the snow…with a blinking dot.
          I pulled the candy canes out, and I was surprised at what I found!  It was a reindeer!  I got closer to read his collar and was surprised again, because his collar was made out of chocolate!  I took a lick, and it tasted delicious!  I felt his antlers and my hands got sticky so I licked my hands.  His antlers tasted like candy canes!  I felt his collar and it felt like tiny M&Ms so I licked them, too.
          I took my new friend into my house.  The poor reindeer was shivering so much that the bells tied onto his harness were ringing nonstop.  Then I noticed two important things.  The first thing was that his collar said his name was Rudolph.  The second thing was that he was awfully hungry, so I fed him some carrots.  He devoured those carrots then he noticed that I had a jar of jalapeƱos in the refrigerator.
          I fed him some jalapenos and then he began to fly.  I knew just what to do then.  I fed him some more and then I took him outside and gave him a map with directions back to the North Pole. 
          Santa left me a note saying, “Dear Chloe, Thank you for leading Rudolph back to the North Pole.  Love, Santa Claus